Monday, July 7, 2008

Motor Bus Society Spring 2005 Convention (2)

More about the Spring 2005 Convention of the Motor Bus Society that I mentioned in my previous post. I found a page dedicated to this event in San Francisco, California. The webmaster made a lot of bus photos along the way and posted them on his site.

Nice big, good quality pics but alas, no thumbnails. I don't want to criticize anyone's work that in itself is good and has clearly been done with the best of intentions, but thumbnail previews make it so much easier for the website's visitors to select the photos they want.

There is however a description for each of the photos that might be helpful, certainly for those who know their brands and models.

I downloaded the whole bunch (110 pics, 17 mByte) and found there were only five of trolleybuses, the subject that has my special attention. One of them (Skoda 7101) is posted right here; the links to the other four are below.

Visit the page

The trolleybuses
SF MUNI San Francisco, CA Flyer 5148 (Potrero Division)
SF MUNI San Francisco, CA Skodas, Flyers, and New Flyers (Potrero Div)
SF MUNI San Francisco, CA Flyer 5031 and Skoda (Potrero Division)
Skoda Trolley Bus, San Francisco (USA), April 2005

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