Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Prevost passenger coaches

Now this is something you don't see every day. Advertising on buses may be nothing unusual, but this is different. Of course this is not a regular bus, it is clearly a travel coach and a special promotional one at that. We try to limit ourselves here to buses being deployed in daily public transportation, but there is always an exception to the rule.

The product advertised on the bus may be known to everyone and besides, enough has been said about it already. The bus itself is manufactured by Prevost, a Canada-based company that focuses on the up-scale market.

Products range from a special conversion like the one on the photo, and luxury motorhomes to a corporate coach and even a mobile command center. Also there is the Prevost Entertainer, which on their website is being recommended as 'a true star performer' that is popular among musicians, bands and entertainers when on tour.

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