Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Black Prince buses Leeds

By coincidence I discovered an interesting photo site on the Black Prince bus service. Not being an expert on British bus lines I had never heard of it, but I soon found out it used to be an independent local bus company in Leeds, well appreciated by the public, until it was closed in July 2005 after 36 years.

The site, it's more of a photo album really, has a lot of very nice photo's. Apart from the red-yellow Mercedes and Scania buses as seen above, it also has many images of the well-known British double decker buses in the same colors and also in an attractive cream and blue color combination.

It is a pity though that photo sizes are restricted by, the provider of the album. When clicked, thumbnails produce an 800 by 600 image, which is really not up to the standards of today and does not do the photographic work right.

However I found a workaround that is not difficult but requires some manual work. First, when you get the medium-sized image, right-click on it, choose Properties and copy the image url. Typically, the url looks like this:

Paste the url in the address bar of your browser, change the 800 to 1600 and the 70 to 80, and press enter. You'll see the photo 1600 pixels wide and in better photographic quality.

Visit the Black Prince site

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